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The Style of: Ruth Negga

The Style of: Ruth Negga

In this ‘The Style Of‘ edition it is all about Ruth Negga. The Irish-Ethiopian beauty whose name is on everyone’s lips has been creating a buzz in the fashion world ever since award season started! Born in Ethiopia, she now lives in London and has been acting since 2003. Last year, she appeared in the beautiful movie “Loving” and was nominated for practically all the year’s major awards including the Oscars. There she made a grand entrance on the red carpet wearing another one of the stunning couture dresses she’s been consistently donning while attending the many events following her nominations.

photo above by: @vanityfair

It’s been an amazing sartorial ride for Negga and I loved watching her rock the most fabulous gowns like the style maven she is! What’s extremely refreshing is that she looks like nobody else and has a very idiosyncratic approach to fashion. Tons of femininity, whimsicality and fun is the way one could describe it. When she appears on the red carpet, she looks like a fab Anais Nin heroine who could be just stepping out of the 1920’s to remind us of the time where a girl wasn’t afraid of bringing both masculine and feminine traits together by sporting a short haircut, a way to express her creative independence, while looking ultra feminine at the same time.

Of course, with such a sense of glamour, it’s no wonder that renowned designers have been courting her to wear their most exquisite creations. They recognize the impeccable style sense Miss Negga never fails to display on the red carpet.

Here is a review of 10 of Ruth’s major fashion moments … so far.

Negga is one of the few who can inject vintage into modern day elegance with tons of girlishness. Pairing this ultra feminine printed dress with playful heels, what more proof do you need?

Old Hollywood glamour? Not a problem for this chic chameleon who can effortlessly elevate an all black ensemble with a fun faux fur stole and – what else – pink heels!

Good luck tonight! 🏆 🏆 Ruth Negga is nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Mildred Loving in "Loving". Ruth herself has mixed roots. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to an Irish mother and Ethiopian father. She grew up in Ireland and London. She described how some have responded to her mixed heritage in the film industry. “I’ve gone into auditions and I think they have an assumption about me when they see my photo, and then I open my mouth and they say, ‘Where exactly are you from? And you were born in Ethiopia? But you’re Irish, but you also kind of sound English. That’s really strange,’” she told Indiewire in 2012. “They want to put you in a box in L.A., that’s how they tend to do it here, so if you don’t fit in that box, it makes it more difficult.” (Source: US Weekly). #ruthnegga #lovingfilm #theoscars #academyawards #ethiopia #ireland #london ##mixedinthesix #mixedpeople #actress #star #hollywood #lovingday #thelovings #history #truestory #mixedgirl

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Here she is at it again, donning a dazzling gown and doing quintessential Ruth: whimsical and feminine.

Negga is a chic flower girl in a stylish floral blouse paired with a fab sequin trouser. Purple never looked that good!

Red lips, glittery pants, and flowers – all a woman needs! 💋 #RuthNegga for @voguemagazine

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Yes, no doubt, this woman can make any top blossom with tons of allure!

When the temperature is rising on the red carpet, it’s probably because of Negga’s undeniable femme fatale’s appeal. Yep, only a strong woman can rock a fringe gown with so much poise and sexiness!

Negga pulls off this eye-catching Metropolis heroine look effortlessly, donning an ultra glam metallic dress for a fashion moment that will be remembered, no doubt, as one of her best ones!

This little number is a solid gold hit and nothing Ruth can’t handle with the style and elegance she is known for.

She goes for major sex appeal in a gorgeous embroidered fall 2017 dress. Way to prepare us for all the future fashion moments she is going to gift us with!

And that’s the style of Ruth Negga everyone! Enjoy your Sunday!

Is menswear the new laid-back chic?

Is menswear the new laid-back chic?

photo by: @jennalyonsstyle

There is a level of comfort that can be achieved when wearing men’s clothes that is undeniably fab. Pants, shirts, jackets, coats, guys’s clothes simply have a much more laid-back fit than the same pieces in women’s fashion, which makes for a real laid back vibe. But one fact is not to be overlooked. It takes a strong woman to wear men’s clothing. A woman who’s not afraid to take fashion risks and really allows herself to be creative and have fun.

The eight men’s wardrobe essentials for any girl with a strong sense of style:

1. The button down shirt

You could try owning your playful side and pair it with heels and a cropped gingham trouser to exude a charming French gamine allure. You could even push the envelope a bit by nonchalantly wearing a sweater with a different pattern around the waist. Voilà, instant chic!

2. The blazer

Ever thought of teaming a button down with a striped tee and a plaid jacket? There’s something extraordinarily stylish and masculine about plaid. So why not taking advantage of this to up you layer game a notch?


Fall layering 101, by Julia, a college junior. See more via the link in our bio. #jcrewalways

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3. The boyfriend jeans

Not quite ready to trade your shabby boyfriend jeans for new ones? Why should you? Go ahead, take a major risk and indulge in the guilty pleasure of mixing high and low by pairing them with a sophisticated jacket and elegant multistrap pumps. It will pay off!

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4. The tee

What’s more audacious than sporting a men’s tee with a chic skirt and make it look effortlessly girly? Now, here comes the next question: are you that kind of girl?


This season we're trying something a little different (more on that soon…). #jcrewnyfw

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5. The flannel shirt

You don’t have to attend the Glastonbury festival to look as chic as Kate Moss in your boots! All you have to do is wear a rugged flannel shirt and a classic parka with your favorite distressed denim … and not forget to look like a supermodel when you walk out the door.


Rainy day essentials ..📸 @raulsingson

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6. The oversized sweater

Consider wearing an oversized turtleneck with a fedora. Why? Because it’s a cool ensemble. Because it says “I’ve got style”. Because it may be the only time guys will want to emulate this oh-so-dapper look. Need more reasons?


Meet a new foul-weather friend: our Italian wool-felt hat. Shop it via the link in our bio.

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7. The coat

Men’s outerwear is the best. They’ll elevate any of your outfits. Because a three button coat can be rather dull, it could be a lot of fun to infuse it with plenty of fabulousness. Show some skin and glam up the look with leo shoes and a matching handbag, a pretty ribbon and – why not – a fun patterned trouser.


8. The pants

It can be quite exhilarating to wear men’s pants since they sometimes feel almost as comfortable as your pajamas! You’ll want to wear them with a pair of chic sneakers or cropped with elegant heels. In any case, they’ll work very well with a sleek button down or a fitted tee and a stylish blazer.


Go ahead and find your inner divine masculine. Trust me, your man will thank you for not raiding his closet anymore!

Artistic stylist & visual storyteller

Artistic stylist & visual storyteller

Helena Ekström – Stylist & Copywriter


Helena Ekström

What are you exactly doing and what your professional day schedule looks like?

– I work as a stylist but I rather call it ”artistic stylist & visual storyteller” since I often work with the total production – all from creative directions to costume design special made for shoots. I am also into advertising as a copywriter. And that has been my profession since15 years back – I started early. Fashion and lifestyle is also my niche as a copywriter and I work mainly with leading Swedish fashion brands and department stores – but I also do writing for magazine. Since I have several professions and is freelancing my schedule looks very different every day. One of the days I might spend on the floor creating headpieces for shoots, and the other day I have a presentation for a marketing director, or spend the whole day writing. It’s a fun life for sure!

tHow did it come that you chose that professional path of life?
– I have seen myself as a coming writer since I was a kid. It has always been very clear to me that I should do writing as a profession. Maybe since my father is a writer, but also since advertising interested me early. Fashion was something that came quite late in life. I started to work with fashion clients as a copywriter and since it also was something that interested me I started a fashion site early focusing on “experimental expressions” – and then some styling jobs came along. 2010 I decided to leave my advertising job and start freelancing and do everything I enjoyed in life.

Helena Ekstrom Sofo Nature

Helena Ekstrom Sofo Nature


Do you remember the moment you realised you want to devote your life doing this?
– I never decided to be a stylist that was something that really just came to me. Writing on the other hand was given to me. But I remember that I read an article about copywriting when I was about 14 years old – and deicide that this was something I should do. But journalism also interested me early.

What kind of sacrifices did you have to take and what difficulties you had to overcome to work in your profession.
– Well, I couldn’t be a competition rider anymore, since it was too hard to keep up with. But horses and show jumping is still my biggest passion in life, and we still have a horse in the family so I’m glad for that. Otherwise, since I have so many jobs at the same time it´s really hard work. But it’s my lifestyle and I don’t see it as something that I sacrifice. 

What kind of freedom do you have working on your own?
– I have had the opportunity to work and live in other countries during periods of life. And every day looks different – which I enjoy. I also appreciate not being at the same office every day – my life is my office really.

What does it mean to communicate well with the designer?
– I work mostly with clients and designers that come to me since they are looking for something more than regular styling. But of course it’s all about the brand – and since I have a background as a creative and copywriter we talk a lot about storytelling. That’s why the title “visual storyteller” more appeals to me. For me teamwork is very important, not only between me and the designer and the photographer, also with the makeup and hair artists – and the models of course. For me it´s all about expressions and not only about looks – so I enjoy working with designers that wants to work with me since I add something extra. 

What kind of designers do you enjoy working with most?
– I love to work with designers that communicate a brand well – and I love to work with indie brands and help them to create their visual identity. But all designers that come to me because of my niche are fun to work with. 

Stockholm Fashion Scene

Amaawe - Helena Ekstrom

Amaawe – Helena Ekstrom

What development can you observe in the Stockholm Fashion Scene and did it found its reflection the Fashion Week in Stockholm?
– Collaborations, and alternative spaces but also to add more “talks” and seminars. But a development is definitely that you can see more collaboration between designers and creative – and to let in indie brands during Fashion Week. Personally its still far from that brave and vibrant fashion scene I would like to see.

What kind of inspiration do you draw from the Stockholm Fashion or artistic scene?
– Beckmans Collage of Design did a live design performance together with artist Paulina Wallenberg (Grebnellaw). That was very refreshing since you could participate in the design process and see the creations come together from fabric to a piece of design. Also the show for Diana Orving Show was new thinking when using ballet dancer from Stockholm 59º performing as “models”, all made together with choreographer Alexander Ekman.

Chinese Fashion inspiration

Subtopia - Helena Ekstrom

Subtopia – Helena Ekstrom

Do know anything more about other Fashion Scenes?
I live in Shanghai some time of the year and I take part of the developing fashion scene over there. China is definitely an interesting place to be right now since new expressions are growing – with influences from west but melting together with their Asian aesthetics. There are certainly some interesting designers and also artists from China right now, but the whole scene is vibrant. I am going back this October for a while and fashion weeks are coming up in Shanghai and Beijing. But London is still a good place for me as artistic expressions is and have always been dominating the fashion scene there. I lived In London some years ago and my personal aesthetic started to grow there.

Creative Process

Helena Ekstrom Profoto

Helena Ekstrom Profoto

Hoe do you prepare to your work, research, and how the creative process starts transforming into the final product?
As a stylist I take a brief from the designer, but I always come back with a mood board that captures the idea from my perspective. Since I often is involved in the idea, location, models and the story behind I often work close to the designer in the process. For me this is how I want to work – to be involved in every part of the shoot, not only the specific styling. When the idea is settled we decide what kind of pieces I create to add to the styling. Then I gather materials and start from an idea, a vision, but never from a proper sketch. The transformation from material to piece comes together when I am working, but with an idea in mind. I love to experiment!

How long does it take for you to work on a project?
– Since I often is involved in the whole process I put a lot of effort in every shoot – but that is how I want to work. Some styling work for advertising clients etc. is more focusing on  specific looks – but its more common that I work with the whole process from idea to shoot.

Which of your works do you like most and why?
– Probably some that I produced with my team/collective ARTER consisting of me, photographer Klara G and makeup artist Emma Nilsson. We both work on own projects and clients and we really found our own expressions. It´s hard to say what the expression is all but maybe: “elegant but so much going on so you have to look again”!    

Lookbook AMA AWE AW16 collection

Lookbook AMA AWE Spring 14 collection

Lookbook designer Naim Josefi AW 16 collection GANGS

Photographer Carl-Johan Paulin

Image shoot Profoto

Photographer Klara G.

Interview with designer Greta Gram

Interview with designer Greta Gram

On our way to Agency V

As we sat on the cab driving to the office of Agency V in Stockholm we had no idea of what to expect. An interview with Greta Gram who has drawn many high end fashion people, like Celine Aagaard and fashion journalists attention to her brand. Entering the building close to Stureplan we were already very excited. When the door opened and a friendly face invited us to enter we stepped into a very beautiful office with very fashionable clothes on clothes rails and high ceilings next to the walls. Rike Döpp, one of the owners of Agency V, brought us to a another room, where we met Greta Gram, she wore a black simple dress from her own collection and one of the earrings that were designed for her collection by Sara Robertsson, a Swedish jewelry brand. After initial hellos we quickly realized Greta Gram is a very down-to-earth. Not that we wouldn’t have been expecting that but still it was a nice surprise.

After congratulating her for her second fashion show at the Stockholm fashion week she told us about her inspiration for the collection

Greta Gram: “(I went to) A small village outside of the city on the country side and I got really inspired there. I was traveling around in the area in central america with only a backpack for one and a half month and it was quite a trip, in myself as well. And I didn’t have much stuff with me. So when I met the people there it made so much sense how they lived what one actually needs from your clothes why they dress the way they do.. and  it was more like all these questions..I saw their life and it was so simple and pretty… and then I started to investigate in that. Like why do they have raw hem, well because obviously there is no point for them to fix the hem.. So everything made sense and it is a contrast to how I live.

TFF: So when you get inspired do you just grab a pen and start drawing?

GG: Usually I think about it a lot and then I get an image and actually it’s more about how I will transfer that vision. Sometimes I sketch but sometimes I use another technique like dressing or trapping it on myself. So it depends on the theme, what kind of a design process we’re having.

After asking her if she has a personal favorite piece of her collection she showed us the “Flared Poncho Dress” a light blue dress with 2 arcuate gathered drawstrings on the lower edge in the front. She has done something like that in her last collection as well but improved it in her SS17 collection.

Greta Gram SS17

The Flare Poncho Dress

TFF: Are you planning on doing this in all of your upcoming collections?

GG: No I do it as long as I like it and when I don’t I stop. I don’t like to play it save just because it is in my comfort zone I appreciate to do something new but I think it’s very important to keep your recognition theme. So I think it is also a personal challenge to not just throw everything out the window and do something new. Like ‘Oh I’m so bored of that’ for me it’s a personal challenge to be patient and continue with your work and always keep working on it. To be serious about my process, because that also shows in your brand there is a value in my brand and the process.

TFF: Yeah that is so true! You sound very experienced so when did you realize that you have a passion for design ?

GG: I don’t really know (laughs). When I was young I was drawing a lot of clothes but I didn’t know how to sew so I asked my grandmother to teach me sewing my drawings but when I came the next time she had already done it, so then it was already finished, but I was such a crafty kid and I was always sitting and drawing stuff. I started studying arts but then I learned how to sew so I was totally hooked by that. But I studied pattern and cutting and sewing and then I started fashion design.

TFF: Oh that’s interesting. So what happened then after university?

GG: I had some internships and before I graduated I was an intern at Viktor & Rolf  and then I got a designer position there. So that was my first designer experience and after I graduated I did a small project in leather, because I wanted to know how to work with that and then I went to work with H&M as a designer.

TFF: That sounds great! And when did you know ‘Ok I want my own brand’?

GG: I think I always wanted a brand for myself, but I wanted to collect references at first, because I felt that I need to know more about the different processes in a company. I didn’t know how the whole loop works starting with the idea to finally selling the piece in a shop, so I felt like I needed to get the hang of it.

TFF: wasn’t it a little scary to start your own brand, because obviously there are so many successful designers out there

GG: Yes, but I’m a very optimistic person and I am not worrying a lot and that helps. Of course I can look long term but in my vision I cannot see ‘Oh this is going to be a lot of work for the next 5 years’. I see ‘I’m going to do this collection’ and that helps a lot because you get very engaged and enthusiastic.

TFF: And it’s also a financial challenge right?

GG: Yeah it is!

TFF: So did you have any help for example investors?

GG: No, I did it all by myself. We had a business mentor who gave us tips when we started up but no Investors.

TFF: Wow that is amazing! You must be very proud of yourself. So this is your second collection right?

GG: Actually it’s my third but the first one we presented a Lookbook at the Stockholm Fashion Week and then we had the first show there with my second collection.

TFF: Oh ok nice. So are you already planning your Autumn Winter collection?

GG: Oh yeah I started a little bit.

TFF: So when is the switch? When do you start thinking about your next collection

I think it comes more gradually. So it’s a little like a parallel process but then when I work on the show (for spring summer) I start seriously (with the next collection), so it’s parallel.

TFF: Wow! So good luck for your next collection and we hope to see you soon.





5 designers you should observe

5 designers you should observe

Fashion Week Stockholm 2016 – upcoming talents 

Only two weeks after Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 the next highlight is coming up – Fashion Week Stockholm 2016. Fans of pure and cutting-edge fashion already love established labels like Lexington, House of Dagmar or Castor. They now wait in suspense to discover young talents like Greta Gram, Ida Sjöstedt and the designers of nonprofit project Swedish Fashion Talents.

Now it´s time to take a closer look at some upcoming designers.

5 designers you should observe


The label was founded in 2010 by John-Ruben Holtback, Axel Trägårdh, Carl-Johan Holtback and Jonatan Härngren as a project gathering people with passion for society, design and art. Their first fashion idea was to create an affordable beanie for the local students in Lund. The label´s name is a symbol for the passionate lifestyle the four designers live. The priority of the label is to deliver high quality clothing and design. Their clothes are mostly produced in Portugal and Turkey. But also Italy, Shanghai and Lithuania are locations to produce linen and oxford shirts. The label L’Homme Rouge established a strong profile based on a genuine background and a focus on quality and durability.



The four founder of L’Homme Rouge


The young German-Swedish concept label founded by Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl unites men´s wardrobe, theater, queer and fetish fashion elements. Materiality used in their collections are silk, velvet and lurex. The cut is feminine, skinny and body contoured.


The two founder Josef Lazo & Andreas Schmidl


The label was founded in 2015 by the homonyms designer Greta Gram. Before founding her own fashion label the young designer worked for recognized labels such as Viktor & Rolf. Influences from this former work can be discovered in her collections. Greta Gram combines strong silhouettes with clean lines. A Greta Gram collection distinguishes itself by carefully selected materials of highest quality produced in Europe.


Greta Gram: atumn-winter 2016


winner of several design awards, is a young Stockholm based designer. Her education from the Swedish School of Textile is visible in color, shape and material and the graphically strong expression in her collection.

Ida Klamborn: autumn-winter 2016

Ida Klamborn: autumn-winter 2016


Even if cmmm is established in the fashion world their collections stir up each season. Both founder – Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir studied in London were they first met and collaborated. They describe the characteristic of their collections as a hybrid of progressive standout pieces mixed with quality wardrobe staples.



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