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Look of the Week – All about the Statement Bag

Look of the Week – All about the Statement Bag

Look of the Week – All about the Statement Bag

Today’s ‘Look of the Week’ comes from one of our very own. TFF Member Caro has got the ongoing trends covered like a pro – that she is. She mastered to combine trends like flared denim pants, sparkly ankle boots AND to stay tone in tone. Also, she styled the outfit all around the look’s key piece: her oversized statement bag.

The various shades of blue in combination with the sparkly touch and the patterned bag are very thought through. Yet it still appears simple. That’s the trick! All eyes may be on the bag’s furry camouflage but the essential details of the look are still standing out nicely. Therefore, an outfit styled with carefulness and attention – a definite WIN!

“Let your key piece be the center of attention”

We can’t get enough of Denim

We can’t get enough of Denim

We can’t get enough of Denim – ever

All we see is blue blue blue …

Everybody loves the most iconic fabric, but have we seen the best of it yet? Hell no! Put your boyfriend jeans and the tenth pair of skinny jeans that you own far back in your closet (because it’s definitely coming back sooner or later) and switch it out for the new denim trends that are hitting us hard right now!

For what reason are we still that obsessed with denim? The one thing we do know is that cool denim items make it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning and trend up every look.

Two toned denim is THE trend you can’t unsee right now and which has taken over the street style craze. Maybe it’s because this one has one amazing advantage. It can be worn by every body type and form a flattering silhouette.

Trust us – especially if you have a curvy figure, it will optically narrow your contour.


There is no turning back – the mini skirt is back and it’s official! It’s no longer a fashion no-go and the denim mini looks more stylish than ever. A-lined with fray or the classic cut, this season you can wear your mini with almost everything.

TFF favorite combo? The versatile skirt is best paired with a colored sweater and some comfy slippers, that way your look is not only elegant but also laid back.


Cut off hems are the perfect way to edge up your jeans. Cropped, frayed or just plain uneven –

this trend does not only add the certain cool to your outfit but is perfect way to put the focus on your shoes…


Furthermore there’s still one last way to style your favorite fabric – going for head-to-toe denim! We know, it’s a bit risky and overwhelming BUT you only need to know how to wear it right and you’ll be the eye catcher everywhere you go.

We love to go all in with trends and take some fashion risks here and there, and the double denim style is definitely one of them. TFF favorite: style your cropped jeans with a boyfriend denim shirt and some colorful heels or sneakers. Wow-effect guaranteed!

Feature Image by: Be , Photos by: Bestreetstyleoverdosedenimaddicted_ , danagoldenberg , glamradar

Travel in Style with 1 Key Piece

Travel in Style with 1 Key Piece

Travel in Style with 1 Key Piece

How to Scream out Fashion and be Dressed to the Occassion … 

When traveling the globe, apart from the destination we chose, it’s becoming more and more relevant to look fashionable while traveling. We are putting our focus on the most efficient and fashionable way to style your looks from day to night with only 1 key piece (and keep some space in your suitcase for the obligatory shopping). This edition is all about how to travel in style (fashion-wise – obviously) in exciting London!

Now; WHAT TO WEAR when…
… exploring the city during the day 

Either if it’s London or any other city, you’ll need to walk the distance. We sure know how hard it is to look fashionable AND be comfortable all day. So, what now? Of course, we got the answer to your problems and put together a look for you (and every shape) that covers it all – promise!


This comfy and cool statement t-shirt is both the perfect basic and the one to give your outfit a cool edge. Honestly: can you imagine a more striking print than that golden mouth? {Classy 40€}



Not only trendy but as fashionable as comfortable: these fun patched jogging-pants are the ultimate statement piece. Color and style elevate them to a true eye catcher and one you’re going to love. {History Repeats 300€}


Don’t we all want to wear something that is going to be flattering for every figure AND be an absolute eye catcher? The straight cut and loose fit of this orange blazer is going to give you exactly that major feel! TFF Tip: dress it down with monochrome basics or elevate it with some skinny jeans and heels! {Sly010 498€}


This pair of mule sneakers is going to give you a laid back but totally trendy look. A guaranteed stand out with the flower embellished velcro strap. Plus: they’ll get you far without your feet hurting! {Sophia Webster 380€}

Now; WHAT TO WEAR when…
… hitting the hottest restaurants and bars in town

After you spend your day exploring the hectic city in your kickass outfit, you now need to get you ready to transform into an evening-wear look. You might think it’s difficult to transform jogging pants into something chic – NO WAY! You can upgrade your laid-back key piece in no time, trust us. We are showing you how you can be best dressed of the evening – by far.


Step up your game by combining this elegant white tuxedo jacket to your major key piece. The best part? There are sheer endless combinations to style this basic classic item. {Sly010 689€} TFF Tip: style your hair into a sleek low bun to create the perfect sexy look!


The second look upgrades your trendy jogging pants to an outstanding evening look. You still fell comfortable and on trend but now you get the certain evening-classy feel to it. {History Repeats 300€}


To finish off the look, put on this cute and chic red satin multi strap sandal finished with stunning crystal beaded heel. You want to wear those during the day too? Then put on some skinny jeans and a white tee – done! You are most certainly going to stand out in the crowd. {Sophia Webster 400€}

To travel in style is easier than you think if you pick out your key piece of choice carefully. As shown – you’ll only need a couple of complementary items to create even more than only two looks! That way you can always be prepared for all occasions and look fabulous!

Style Trends – Men’s Fashion Review

Style Trends – Men’s Fashion Review

Style Trends – Men’s Fashion Review

An Update on where Fashion is headed for Spring/Summer 2017
It’s time we talk about Men’s Fashion as seriously as we do about Women’s. This Spring/Summer 2017 is focussing big time on contrasts and mix-and-match. Luxury giants are setting the tone and producing polished lessons in fashion and style.

photo by: @houseofskhy

We’ve seen that Nineties fashion is having it’s major comeback for some time now – especially in women’s wear – but is also pushing through the catwalks and collections of Men’s Fashion Week. Stylish sportswear and corporations between couture and streetwear labels are leaving their mark and we LOVE it. The MTV generation has got to be very thankful that fashion likes to revisit past decades and revive former trends. Get used to oversized hoodies and wide fit stone blue denim on your man.

Time to Speak up – through FASHION

Statement shirts have been all up in our faces lately but manly in Women’s Fashion. Now the trend is taking over the Men’s world by storm. A trend that is more important than ever considering the current situation society is stuck in. Mixed messages printed on shirts were ruling the catwalks of Fashion Week all over the globe. It’s time to speak up; something that designers and brands took very serious this season. In a time where the crisis is a brutal reality the printed messages turned quickly into political statements. WE LOVE!

photo by: @christopher_shannon

photo by: @yukkamooon

Speaking off reviving past trends: a certain pattern is fighting its way back up to the top after being believed dead for some time now. Urban fashionistas can be quite relieved that their beloved camouflage is now back to toughen up their look. We’ve spotted some stylish pieced at various Fashion Shows from labels like Dries van Noten (picture on the right) or Givenchy.

Taking Fashion Risks is a Good Thing!

Trends seem to get more daring and over the top from season to season. After all, you do get the feeling that people are getting more daring and experimental to try out new trends. Getting out of the comfort zone is the new fashion mantra! You don’t need to be in love with every single one of those trends above but at least some will separate you from the mass – just sayin.

Photos by: @yukkamooon

TFF Alternative

JUST IN CASE you are not turned on by any of the featured trends above, we got some alternatives for you. You can always tone it down a bit by keeping it simple. Earth tones are always a good way to complement your look and you don’t need to go overboard to rock a monochrome cool style: stay with your favorite pair of chinos, pair it with a laid back shirt and you got your outfit on point!

Look of the Week: Focus on the Leather Jacket

Look of the Week: Focus on the Leather Jacket

The leather jacket – we all love it and everyone can wear it. Basically an absolute must have for women AND for men. This week’s edition of our ‘Look of the Week’ features a stylish example of a well styled furry collar leather jacket. Perfect for the upcoming warmer days! Benjamin combined the two toned piece with a destroyed khaki shirt – Kanye style – and decided to go basic with some blue skinny jeans. We can argue about the choice of sneakers but it’s still matching with the shirt. So, it’s definitely a winner outfit! Keep it simple around a statement piece like that and you’ll never go wrong!

Look of the Week

► Focus on your key piece! This week’s edition of our ‘Look of the Week’ features a stylish example of a well styled leather jacket. #tff #keypiece #lookoftheweek ►

Posted by The Fashion Fanatics on Monday, March 13, 2017

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