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The New Color Trend: Red and Pink

The New Color Trend: Red and Pink

photo by: @happilygrey

Most of the days in March are all about grey, grey or grey. Doesn’t matter if it is the weather or the tones you see everywhere. On those days I just can’t wait to wear lighter and of course more colorful clothes again. There’s one new color trend I’d love to try out as soon as the sun comes out: red and pink. Get inspired by those tones this spring and check out this new color combination!

Happy Valentine's Day 💘💯❤️ wearing the colours of love and the cutest #DGfamily bag

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You know, once upon a time, there were certain color combinations that were considered “fashion don’ts” in the style handbook. Navy and black, gold and silver, and yes, today’s duo: pink and red. But those days are far behind us. Seen all over the fashion week runways, the high street has taken the hint and provided us with lots of lovely pink and red combination pieces that I really want to fill my wardrobe with.

Chop off the head to get in the shoes lift selfie

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Together the two shades create the ultimate in girly fashion, but that doesn’t mean color-phobes should run for the hills – there are subtle ways to rock the look, too.

Colours 🍊🍓 for the @itsjeremyscott show yesterday 🏙

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Whether you stick to an all-black edit, adding a pink fedora or red pair of sneakers – you can easily pull off the two shades together btw – or, if you’re feeling brave, go for a head-to-toe look. Layering a blush skirt with a tomato shade knit for a bright twist on dull winter dressing. Fun, feminine and a departure from that dark aesthetic we’ve all been stuck in, embrace your romantic side in this combo now. The simplest and easiest way to wear this trend is by donning a color block dress in red or pink. Keep your accessories neutral – either black or metallic – you’ll see this works the same way you would a LBD.

colorblocking in @delficollective 💗❤️ thanks to @modanashville 😘#LA #pleats #colorclash

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You may also go for something pre-mixed. Find a color-blocked piece that has already done the work for you. Bright pink color goes well with fine red color. For those who want to try out the trend in a more discrete way, use an accessory as the other color.

Wish you a wonderful weekend 🌬🍪🌙🎄

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Try a red top with a pink scarf or a pink jacket with a red statement necklace or pink or rose sneakers with a red sweater for the cool kid look. Also, a red bag paired with a rosé cocktail dress will look super stylish. Same goes for red shoes with any pink garment. If you’re not sure if you want to wear this attention generating trend, try it out with pastel tones first. There are many shades of pink color for almost everyone. ⭐️

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A red skirt paired with a delicate rosé coat is a nice outfit for date nights, winter weddings or just colorful spring days (same goes for earing the style the other way round).

Pinks & reds up on today ❤️ #winterstyle #maje #vince #mansurgavriel #pinkandred

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You don’t want to slide in the girly style? Just wear this trend in a more tailored and masculine way. Team red jeans with a shirt and long line pink coat for a great way to tackle the trend without feeling like your channeling Barbie. A pink and red outfit can look as cool as an all-black one.

Try to incorporate the two colors in your beauty look! Go for red lips and pink nails or try wearing red nails with a pink dress. Those combos would look great with any of the other tips on this list and will create a wonderful summer feeling!

Throwback to When I was shopping for veggies in @voguemagazine #polliani #pollianidotcom

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In case you hate pink and can’t even think about buying a pink piece, think of the color spectrum and try moving red on the color wheel to an orange hue, and the pink to a more purple tone, such as fuchsia or magenta for even more pop.

Colors up on @voguemagazine 💃🏼🍒 📸 @styledumonde #cphfw16 #blogupdated

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At first glance, it gives you a sartorial edge but it also keeps your outfit fresh and interesting long after. There’s something about combining two shades that are close together on the color wheel that makes you look quite sophisticated.

The key is to make it bold and intentional, so that everyone knows you are making a deliberate choice to wear red and pink together. So, which pieces you ever decide to wear, just make sure it’s evident that the color combo is intentional. If you go half-way on this, it will look accidental. A color combination such as this says: I can see beyond the obvious.

When you don't have a garden so you just start wearing one By @jharphoto #ootd #newpost

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Have fun trying it out and believe me, summer will come soon. In the meantime, get the summer feeling by wearing red and pink together.

French style & the attitude of Parisian women

French style & the attitude of Parisian women

photo by: @vikyandthekid

Why is the chic fashion style of French women so fascinating that it’s being emulated all over the world? Is it about the clothes, is it about the attitude, or is it simply because of this little je ne sais quoi? As a French woman, I can tell you that it is probably all of the above. French style can rather be described as a way of life and not that much just a way of dressing. We love to do things on the spur of the moment and it results in creating tons of spontaneity, surprises and emotions!

We can decide to go dancing after a dinner with friends even if it’s past midnight and we have to work the next day, just because it feels good. Feeling good is everything in France and the reason why food, love, arts and fashion are taken very seriously. I guess one could say, it’s what keeps us youthful at any age and therefore … the reason why a woman can really blossom and still feel seductive all her life. Take Catherine Deneuve for example, one of the most beautiful French women. Here is a movie star who is in her seventies and who played the object of affection of a 30-year-old guy in one of her lastest movies. Yep, and she totally pulled it off, because she’s still ultra feminine and stylish. Oh, and she totally hangs out at Fashion Week in Paris with rapper Pharrell Williams.

#catherinedeneuve and #pharellwilliams #fashionweek #frenchactress #paris

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When it comes to fashion, French women don’t dress for anybody else but themselves. And they simply don’t care about others’s opinion but their own, knowing exactly what looks good on them. Here is the ultimate French style fashion guide to help you to channel your inner French girl like a boss!

10 Style Essentials Chic French Women Can’t Live Without

1. Jeans

Yes, the French woman is no exception to the rule, denim is her wardrobe hero. Look at Inès de la Fressange, the ultimate Parisian Goddess of style, teaming the pants with a basic shirt and creating an ultra elegant impact with minimal accessories!

Uniqlo collection is arriving . 2nd february @uniqlo

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2. Navy

Navy is a French color! Truth is: you’ll find tons of pieces in the hue in every single French wardrobe. Men, children and women wear navy all the time in France, it is the color that describes the best what “Bon Chic Bon Genre” (the French polished and classic style) is all about. In other words, if you want to be ultra elegant, make sure you have plenty of pieces in the hue, just like de la Fressange.

Visiting Meiji-Jingu shrine & making lots of good wishes for you #harajuku #today #lovethiscountry #japan #meijijingu

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3. The Blazer

French women love their blazers. And they have tons of them in all variations. It is a constant mix and match and, as long as they are stylish, it’s all good. Which explains why donning a designer piece with a casual graphic tee and a denim is not that big of a deal for Caroline de Maigret, another chic Parisian.

4. The Trench Coat

This one is a piece of French fashion history, maybe written by the one woman in France who epitomizes Parisian style: British born actress Jane Birkin. Even if I constantly fight over this one topic with my best friend, I insist on claiming that she is the one who introduced it on the fashion scene in Paris in the 70’s, my friend is probably right, the coat was a thing before that. But it simply sounds more dramatic this way!

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5. Nautical Stripes

This one is a bit of a cliché but stripes are indeed a pattern women love to wear in France. After all Chanel introduced the Breton stripes, originally part of a naval sailor’s uniform, to the world in the 20’s and, since then, women’s fascination for them never ceased! Today, donning a nautical piece screams French elegance, as evidenced by Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of French Vogue.

Back to work

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6. La Petite Robe Noire a.k.a. the LBD

Coco Chanel certainly knew what she was doing when she created the little black dress. Has there ever been a more stylish staple in a French woman’s closet? All it requires is a crimson lip, nothing else matters. Ballet flats, booties, pumps, just make sure your lip brings on the drama! That’s how a LBD should be worn.

⠀ APPLE SHAPE⠀ THE characteristics of the apple shape is your waist is wider than your hips and chest when looking front on at your figure⠀ ⠀ This shape is common in women after 40 ⠀ So the goal here is to balance your silhouette & elongate your torso⠀ ⠀ 💡Your apple shape looks fabulous in dresses Look for:⠀ ✔️A-line dresses in heavy cotton or a wool mix to seamlessly fall over your mid section⠀ ✔️The modern Kaftan looks fabulous on you⠀ ✔️V-shape necklines⠀ ✔️Statement earings or necklace to attract the eye upwards⠀ ✔️dress' in one block colour throughout or one pattern throughout ⠀ ✔️High density prints⠀ ✔️Vertical lines; either in pattern, or stitching⠀ ✔️look to elongate your torso with well structured open neck shirts in a best quality cotton. Shirt dresses always flatter your apple shape⠀ ✔️Well structured blazer – no more than 2 buttons; narrow cut, well structured, nipped in waist, with small lapels. Make sure the jacket ends under the hip. Remember we want to achieve an elongated torso⠀ ✔️Show off your great legs!⠀ ⠀ Avoid: ⠀ ✖️Cheap light fabrics⠀ ✖️ dresses that are belted at the waist in a lighter shade than the dress⠀ ✖️Anything that clings to your waist⠀ ✖️Shoulder bags that sit at your waist – this will only emphasise your mid width⠀ ✖️Avoid double breasted Blazers [they are not your friend]. This style will only widen your mid section⠀ ✖️Avoid boxy shaped jackets; no bomber styles⠀ ✖️Jackets that end at the top of the hip⠀ ✖️Horizontal stripes, patterns or stitching⠀ ✖️Light colour blocking around your mid section⠀ ⠀ Make sure to keep this list on hand when you next go 📝shopping :)⠀ ⠀ Stay Stylish⠀ XJW 💋 ⠀ #ThereWillBeStyle⠀ #PersonalShopper⠀ #PersonalStylist⠀ #EveryBodyMatters⠀ #EndToBodyShaming⠀ 📷 Lou Doillon source: Pinterest ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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7. The White Button Down

I guess the iconic shirt is just like any other timeless piece, it transcends cultures and can be found in the wardrobe of any woman who has an exquisite sense of style. French movie darling Audrey Tautou is definitely one of these women.

Audrey Tautou, Melanie Laurent. 📷©FRANCOIS GOIZE. #audreytautou #melanielaurent #ameliepoulain

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8. The Handbag

A French woman never leaves the house without a fashionable handbag. She knows it is the accessory that will make or break her look and for this reason, it has to be beautiful and preferably very sophisticated.

… My mum also said "You should smile" (ok that's not true but I needed something to write with the photo) #ChanelHauteCouture #HC17

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9. The Shoes

In France, women fall in love with a pair of shoes as passionately as with a man. It’s an instant attraction they cannot resist! And then, naturally, they have to have them! Well, maybe you have to be French to understand this!

Paris Fashion week(ends) @rogervivier #VivCabas #RogerVivier #regram from @dennielias #pfw #FW17

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10. Black

Let’s not forget, this is the country where coco Chanel was born: a woman who established black as the most elegant hue of them all. To put it bluntly: black is to the French woman what the croissant is to the café au lait: one simply cannot exist without the other!

📸Max Cardelli #audreytautou #magazine #french #marieclaire

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So, what do you think, is the chic French style the one for you?

How to create a street style

How to create a street style

Where do the fashionistas of tomorrow get their inspiration nowadays? Not in stores, not in magazines or on tv but on the streets! Or on blogs that feature street style… Today, people are obsessed with what their favorite bloggers or models are wearing while crossing the street. Those are the people setting the trends – not the runway.

Good Morning New York 🚕🗽 #feminist 💪🏻

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In between the Shows with my babe @notyourstandard ❤ || #nyfw

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To be trendsetter like that, you need to hit the streets. And we’re not talking about the cul-de-sacs of your town or the roads that lead to your local mall. You need to go to the coolest neighborhood in the nearest city, sit on a bench and watch the crowds roll by. Whether they’re punks, skaters, fashionistas, goths, or hipsters, you can inhale fashion inspiration from all of them.

Where were thick black-framed glasses, trucker hats and neon-hued skinny jeans before they were on the runways and taking over malls across America? That’s right, the streets. You name the trend and it most likely started on the street, not in the mind of a haute-couture designer. If there’s one common misconception about streetwear, it’s that it’s easy.

#veronikaheilbrunner after #versace #milanfw #streetstyle

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If a road trip is out of the question, there are plenty of blogs out there that feature amazing photos of street style from all over the world. With the help of those I’ll tell you about the challenge of creating a street style. Let me give you some tips and tricks for creating looks that could appear in street style blogs or magazines.

#LFW Day Two ||

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Dressing like a street style star means thinking out of the box most of the time. Wearing a skirt in fall and winter more often to break out of your fashion normality is one good example of getting closer. In order to have a good base in your wardrobe, you should invest in high quality basic garments like jeans with the perfect fit, leather boots, sneakers, white blouses etc…

#oliviapalermo in #carolinaherrera after the #Herrera show #nyfw #ss17 #streetstyle

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Investing in those pieces is something you won’t regret. There’s still enough garments or accessories you can shop cheaper since they don’t need to last forever anyway. Even if you don’t want to or just can’t invest in the latest designer it-bags doesn’t mean your out of the street style game. Just try to add an eye catcher to your outfit, whether it’s a fancy coat or a nice bag – real street style doesn’t need to be designer clothes from head to toe. Ever tried crazy color combinations? I don’t mean dressing like a parrot but trying out some new colors or pattern combinations may bring you closer to create a real street style.

phil-approved print-mixing by @tracygeorgiou

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Pink and red is a no go? Well, depends on how you style it. Actually this combo can look really nice and was one of the trends last spring.

The secret is to be a bit more brave when it comes to colors and the rule is not to mix too many different colors (the thing with the parrot, remember?).

#carolinedaur and her squad from Germany at #ArtBasel

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Eyecatchy stuff isn’t your thing at all? Well, monochrome style is also seen often on street style stars. Just make sure you surprise with special cuts or create a new shape. Pairing an edgy piece like fishnet stocks to a more elegant outfit will boost your whole look. Not really monochrome but less fancy than pairing different colors is pairing matching colors like olive and beige or rosé and baby blue.

@jennymwalton, photo by Tommy Ton / @tommyton

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What else? Try to present new cuts most of the time. Showing a ruffle blouse when ruffles had their peak isn’t a fashion statement.

Mixing different and contrasting materials is another of those street style secrets.

say Gucciiiiiiiiiiiii. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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Whether monochrome or colorful – pairing a knit sweater with a neoprene skirt and velvet boots is something you may not create usually while standing in front of your closet. That’s just what I mean with “thinking out of the box”!

Photo by Phil Oh / @mrstreetpeeper

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Special fabrics like velvet, leather, (fake) fur, neoprene, silk or shiny materials like the metallic trend are the perfect way to boost an otherwise basic look. Just make sure the fabrics appear in a surprising way like fur on your sneakers or leather trousers.

Photo by Joanna Totolici / @joannatotolici

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A similar trick on how to create a nice street style is to mix different styles. That means pairing a feminine and romantic wide skirt with a men’s blazer or opting for slingback pumps when wearing a boyfriend cut jeans.

Combining stuff that doesn’t really fit together at first sight is one of the secrets behind the outstanding looks of street style stars.

@veronikaheilbrunner, photo by Acielle / @styledumonde

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Now, it’s your turn! Creating a street style means most of all being brave and never lose inspiration! Get out of your comfort zone and check your wardrobe for new street style looks to create…

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