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Style watch: the new it-models

Style watch: the new it-models

photo by: @camhrl

Every year there are a few new faces showing up on the runway, but this season there was a diverse array of interesting new faces and breakout beauties with rumbling potential. These girls are the future top models. But before you see those girls walking down the runways of different fashion weeks, it all starts with the castings.

The first castings which count take place in Spring. Some designers are still looking at the models themselves and others leave that to a trained eye such as the casting director Pier Giorgio del Moro. He’s probably the most popular one in the industry the right now and if you get selected: you’ve made it.

Moschino FW 2018 @itsjeremyscott

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New York – London – Milan – Paris are the cities that count and after you have been successful there, you will most definitely be booked for campaigns. There are two categories in which you can put a model: the first one includes those who are smiling at us in countless campaigns or magazines right now.

For example: Dilone walked on countless catwalks 2015, but now, all of the sudden the industry can’t get enough of her.

Another very successful lady is called Lineisy Montero Feliz. This girl has been trending upward by hard work and perseverance. Never heard of her? Then you should remember her name and her face. She is one of the most booked models of the last season.

🌟✨🌟 the birth of the light ✨🌟✨ @eliesaabworld

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Moving on to the next one. Ruth Bell is probably the model with the most potential and extraordinary looks. Her exceptional career started right after she cut her hair short. Countless magazine covers, editorials and advertising campaigns came in for her.

@voguechina @patrickdemarchelier

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Now we’re moving on to our second category: the ones who’ve already made it. The first one I’ll introduce to you is Alanna Arrington. Her curly hair and her dark complexion is just what designers want right now. She walked her first fashion show in 2016 and immediately had the honor to open for one of the biggest fashion houses. After that, she literally drowned in bookings.

The French Camille Hurel is walking for the crème de la crème this season. All casting directors consider her to be one of the top newcomers. She has a very natural look and radiates with a soft fragility.

Ending NY Fashion week with @ralphlauren 🌼 Thank you @johndavidpfeiffer ! See you in London ✈🇬🇧

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This Brazilian baby face got booked on her very first casting, on the spot! Since then it’ been nothing but successful for her. Meanwhile she is considered to be on every “hot list” of stylists, photographers and designers.

These newcomers could not be more different. We have the classical beauties on the one hand and faces with an undeniable memorability.

That means we can be very excited to see more from those girls!

Day One of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Day One of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Wow! It was such an exciting, crazy and fun week. Some days were a little rough but all in one I was more than satisfied when I fell into my bed each night. So Tuesday we flew to Berlin. As soon as we landed and arrived at our hotel we had to hurry up with getting ready for the first show, Odeur Studios. 10 minutes before we had to leave my mum told me that I would be going alone because she had to do some business stuff. So I hopped in a cab and made my way to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tent at the Pariser Platz. I was pretty late so I had to hurry but in the end, I made it just on time. The first show was great, very simple, mostly black and white with different patterns, sometimes a splash of colours such as midnight blue or lemon yellow.




Afterwards, I had to wait about 4 hours until the next show would start. So I decided to sit down and wait. But since I was completely alone in between of hundredths of strangers, I decided to  get a glass of wine to loosen up a little. The wine helped a lot and I started to ask some nicely dressed people if I could take pictures of them. At first, I asked a girl with two perfectly braided hair and then I asked a really well-dressed guy.


FullSizeRender (4)

The girl with the amazing hair. The braids were so tight and exact it looked so great !

FullSizeRender (2)

Another woman with amazing earrings. Seriously I want to have them!

FullSizeRender (6)

And the man with the great style. Check out the socks! Perfection lies in the detail.

When I sat back down with my second glass of prosecco I saw some people coming straight at me, a man and a pregnant woman. They asked me if the chairs were taken and I told them “no” so they sat down and the woman started to film herself. I asked her if she is a Blogger and she said: “yes, kind of”. We had a conversation on when she started and if she’s happy. Suddenly a girl walked towards her and asked her with excitement “Oh my God you’re Dounia Slimani! Can I please take a picture with you?”.. So then I finally realised that I didn’t recognise one of the most famous German YouTuber, so that was embarrassing. Then her sister and her brother joined, I definitely recognised her brother, Sami Slimani because he is also the most known one.

FullSizeRender (8)

Sami Slimani and I

 FullSizeRender (7)

Dounia Slimani, Lamiya Slimani, Ischtar Isik, Sami Slimani, Shanti Joantan


However, while I was talking to interesting and nice people my mum went to see the MarcCain show and it was amazing. I loved the clothes. She showed me lots of pictures. We’ll be uploading the best ones. The outfits were really kind of street-style-ish with a lot of different and intense colours and patterns, very chic but cosy as well. The hair styling was kind of like the wet hair look, very sexy.




Right after MarcCain we both went to see the Riani Show, which was great. A lot of German Celebs in the audience and on the catwalk. Rebecca Mir, Stephanie Giesinger and even Olivia Jones walked the Riani catwalk and owned it. The opening of Riani was breathtaking. A singer called Susanne Gmelch sang “Diamonds” originally by Rihanna  but a different version of it and I honestly have no words for it, it was great and we had goosebumps everywhere.



Rebecca Mir, Germany’s next Topmodel 2011

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (3)

When Riani was done my mum went to go see the LaLa Berlin show. I wanted to come with her but realised on my way to the cab we wanted to take that I lost my phone so she took the cab and I ran back inside. I quickly asked the security if they had found an iPhone. They sent me to a room where they kept all of the things people had forgotten in the Fashion Week tent. Fortunately I got my phone back but I had only 1 percent of battery left and I just saw Stefanie Giesinger enter from the backstage entrance. I quickly ran towards her and asked her for a photo and I told her “Hi Stefanie, can I quickly take a picture with you I only have one percent of battery left.” and she was so nice and said “Oh sure, so quick quick!” Now something happened that I hate. I pushed the release button and a little white window popped up telling me that my disc space was full. So as you can imagine I started deleting random apps and videos until it wasn’t full anymore and then we quickly took the picture. 10 seconds later my battery was dead. I took a cab to the hotel to charge it. My mum said that the LaLa Berlin show was a total disaster. After 15 minutes a lot of people started leaving the show because there were no models just a huge screen on which one could see the singer sing and there were no clothes presented in the first 15 minutes. So even the big names started to leave the show. So we don’t have any pictures of it. When my mum was done with the LaLa Berlin Show she called me to come meet her at the Soho House. So we drank something at the Soho House bar and as soon as we got back to the hotel room we fell in our beds and were dead for the rest of the night.


FullSizeRender (9)

Me and Stefanie Giesinger, Germany’s Next Topmodel 2014

FullSizeRender (1)

And that was my outfit.. since my mum wasn’t there to take a photograoh of it I had to do it myself.




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