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Greta Gram SS17

Greta Gram SS17

Walking towards the glass door of the Stockholm Auktionsverk where the fashion show for Greta Gram’s SS17 collection was going to take place we quickly realized that this collection was going to be phenomenal. The only sound you could hear was the clicking of the cameras in the hands of fashion photographers snapping hundreds of pictures of all the well-known Scandinavian Bloggers entering the art nouveau building. Our mouths dropped when we caught Darja Barannik posing in her flattered asymmetrically cut skirt combined with a statement shirt saying “I Can Do Him” and Christoph (our photographer) immediately pulled out his camera to catch the moment.

Darja Boannik

As we entered the Stockholm Auktionsverk we had to walk up a carpeted slope, which was almost impossible if you wore high heels.. which unfortunately I did. However, after hysterically holding on to the railing and a few weird looks later we stood in a huge room with parquet floors and off-white walls. In the center of the room was a round hole in the floor, through which you could see the lower storey of the building. It was encircled by a railing which again was encircled by one row of chairs. That row was the VIP section, all the famous Scandinavian Bloggers and important sellers sat there. The other chairs were placed around the center leaving a circular catwalk between the VIP section and the other rows. The spectators were lead to their seats and we were lucky enough to sit in the front row in front of the VIP row. When the psychedelic music started the chatting fell silent and the first model made her way through the crowd wearing a simple white long blouse, long flattered trousers with high cuts and a black crossed vest to underline the feminine silhouette. This opening look took us on a journey into a far away jungle in Mexico, where Greta Gram got her inspiration for the SS17 collection from.


My favorite outfit was a simple white dress with long wide sleeves and a v-neck. The dress ended right below the knee with a raw hem. Cerise, patent ankle-strap-pumps with a short squared heel added a splash of color to the calm look.

Greta Gram SS17

The straight and simple cuts, the light and soft fabric and the natural and clean colors told about a place of calmness and simplicity. Greta Gram created a very feminine and elegant collection that is simply beautiful.

Greta Gram SS17

To round it all off the models walked down the catwalk together, one after another to the beat of an lively Italian mambo.


5 designers you should observe

5 designers you should observe

Fashion Week Stockholm 2016 – upcoming talents 

Only two weeks after Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 the next highlight is coming up – Fashion Week Stockholm 2016. Fans of pure and cutting-edge fashion already love established labels like Lexington, House of Dagmar or Castor. They now wait in suspense to discover young talents like Greta Gram, Ida Sjöstedt and the designers of nonprofit project Swedish Fashion Talents.

Now it´s time to take a closer look at some upcoming designers.

5 designers you should observe


The label was founded in 2010 by John-Ruben Holtback, Axel Trägårdh, Carl-Johan Holtback and Jonatan Härngren as a project gathering people with passion for society, design and art. Their first fashion idea was to create an affordable beanie for the local students in Lund. The label´s name is a symbol for the passionate lifestyle the four designers live. The priority of the label is to deliver high quality clothing and design. Their clothes are mostly produced in Portugal and Turkey. But also Italy, Shanghai and Lithuania are locations to produce linen and oxford shirts. The label L’Homme Rouge established a strong profile based on a genuine background and a focus on quality and durability.



The four founder of L’Homme Rouge


The young German-Swedish concept label founded by Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl unites men´s wardrobe, theater, queer and fetish fashion elements. Materiality used in their collections are silk, velvet and lurex. The cut is feminine, skinny and body contoured.


The two founder Josef Lazo & Andreas Schmidl


The label was founded in 2015 by the homonyms designer Greta Gram. Before founding her own fashion label the young designer worked for recognized labels such as Viktor & Rolf. Influences from this former work can be discovered in her collections. Greta Gram combines strong silhouettes with clean lines. A Greta Gram collection distinguishes itself by carefully selected materials of highest quality produced in Europe.


Greta Gram: atumn-winter 2016


winner of several design awards, is a young Stockholm based designer. Her education from the Swedish School of Textile is visible in color, shape and material and the graphically strong expression in her collection.

Ida Klamborn: autumn-winter 2016

Ida Klamborn: autumn-winter 2016


Even if cmmm is established in the fashion world their collections stir up each season. Both founder – Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir studied in London were they first met and collaborated. They describe the characteristic of their collections as a hybrid of progressive standout pieces mixed with quality wardrobe staples.



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