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We can’t get enough of Denim

We can’t get enough of Denim

We can’t get enough of Denim – ever

All we see is blue blue blue …

Everybody loves the most iconic fabric, but have we seen the best of it yet? Hell no! Put your boyfriend jeans and the tenth pair of skinny jeans that you own far back in your closet (because it’s definitely coming back sooner or later) and switch it out for the new denim trends that are hitting us hard right now!

For what reason are we still that obsessed with denim? The one thing we do know is that cool denim items make it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning and trend up every look.

Two toned denim is THE trend you can’t unsee right now and which has taken over the street style craze. Maybe it’s because this one has one amazing advantage. It can be worn by every body type and form a flattering silhouette.

Trust us – especially if you have a curvy figure, it will optically narrow your contour.


There is no turning back – the mini skirt is back and it’s official! It’s no longer a fashion no-go and the denim mini looks more stylish than ever. A-lined with fray or the classic cut, this season you can wear your mini with almost everything.

TFF favorite combo? The versatile skirt is best paired with a colored sweater and some comfy slippers, that way your look is not only elegant but also laid back.


Cut off hems are the perfect way to edge up your jeans. Cropped, frayed or just plain uneven –

this trend does not only add the certain cool to your outfit but is perfect way to put the focus on your shoes…


Furthermore there’s still one last way to style your favorite fabric – going for head-to-toe denim! We know, it’s a bit risky and overwhelming BUT you only need to know how to wear it right and you’ll be the eye catcher everywhere you go.

We love to go all in with trends and take some fashion risks here and there, and the double denim style is definitely one of them. TFF favorite: style your cropped jeans with a boyfriend denim shirt and some colorful heels or sneakers. Wow-effect guaranteed!

Feature Image by: Be , Photos by: Bestreetstyleoverdosedenimaddicted_ , danagoldenberg , glamradar

The New Color Trend: Red and Pink

The New Color Trend: Red and Pink

photo by: @happilygrey

Most of the days in March are all about grey, grey or grey. Doesn’t matter if it is the weather or the tones you see everywhere. On those days I just can’t wait to wear lighter and of course more colorful clothes again. There’s one new color trend I’d love to try out as soon as the sun comes out: red and pink. Get inspired by those tones this spring and check out this new color combination!

Happy Valentine's Day 💘💯❤️ wearing the colours of love and the cutest #DGfamily bag

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You know, once upon a time, there were certain color combinations that were considered “fashion don’ts” in the style handbook. Navy and black, gold and silver, and yes, today’s duo: pink and red. But those days are far behind us. Seen all over the fashion week runways, the high street has taken the hint and provided us with lots of lovely pink and red combination pieces that I really want to fill my wardrobe with.

Chop off the head to get in the shoes lift selfie

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Together the two shades create the ultimate in girly fashion, but that doesn’t mean color-phobes should run for the hills – there are subtle ways to rock the look, too.

Colours 🍊🍓 for the @itsjeremyscott show yesterday 🏙

A post shared by Caroline Daur (@carodaur) on

Whether you stick to an all-black edit, adding a pink fedora or red pair of sneakers – you can easily pull off the two shades together btw – or, if you’re feeling brave, go for a head-to-toe look. Layering a blush skirt with a tomato shade knit for a bright twist on dull winter dressing. Fun, feminine and a departure from that dark aesthetic we’ve all been stuck in, embrace your romantic side in this combo now. The simplest and easiest way to wear this trend is by donning a color block dress in red or pink. Keep your accessories neutral – either black or metallic – you’ll see this works the same way you would a LBD.

colorblocking in @delficollective 💗❤️ thanks to @modanashville 😘#LA #pleats #colorclash

A post shared by Mary Seng (@happilygrey) on

You may also go for something pre-mixed. Find a color-blocked piece that has already done the work for you. Bright pink color goes well with fine red color. For those who want to try out the trend in a more discrete way, use an accessory as the other color.

Wish you a wonderful weekend 🌬🍪🌙🎄

A post shared by Caroline Daur (@carodaur) on

Try a red top with a pink scarf or a pink jacket with a red statement necklace or pink or rose sneakers with a red sweater for the cool kid look. Also, a red bag paired with a rosé cocktail dress will look super stylish. Same goes for red shoes with any pink garment. If you’re not sure if you want to wear this attention generating trend, try it out with pastel tones first. There are many shades of pink color for almost everyone. ⭐️

A post shared by Stephanie @ The Style Bungalow (@thestylebungalow) on

A red skirt paired with a delicate rosé coat is a nice outfit for date nights, winter weddings or just colorful spring days (same goes for earing the style the other way round).

Pinks & reds up on today ❤️ #winterstyle #maje #vince #mansurgavriel #pinkandred

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You don’t want to slide in the girly style? Just wear this trend in a more tailored and masculine way. Team red jeans with a shirt and long line pink coat for a great way to tackle the trend without feeling like your channeling Barbie. A pink and red outfit can look as cool as an all-black one.

Try to incorporate the two colors in your beauty look! Go for red lips and pink nails or try wearing red nails with a pink dress. Those combos would look great with any of the other tips on this list and will create a wonderful summer feeling!

Throwback to When I was shopping for veggies in @voguemagazine #polliani #pollianidotcom

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In case you hate pink and can’t even think about buying a pink piece, think of the color spectrum and try moving red on the color wheel to an orange hue, and the pink to a more purple tone, such as fuchsia or magenta for even more pop.

Colors up on @voguemagazine 💃🏼🍒 📸 @styledumonde #cphfw16 #blogupdated

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At first glance, it gives you a sartorial edge but it also keeps your outfit fresh and interesting long after. There’s something about combining two shades that are close together on the color wheel that makes you look quite sophisticated.

The key is to make it bold and intentional, so that everyone knows you are making a deliberate choice to wear red and pink together. So, which pieces you ever decide to wear, just make sure it’s evident that the color combo is intentional. If you go half-way on this, it will look accidental. A color combination such as this says: I can see beyond the obvious.

When you don't have a garden so you just start wearing one By @jharphoto #ootd #newpost

A post shared by T I N E A N D R E A (@tineandreaa) on

Have fun trying it out and believe me, summer will come soon. In the meantime, get the summer feeling by wearing red and pink together.

Can you answer all of our fashion questions? TFF Challenge

Can you answer all of our fashion questions? TFF Challenge

The TFF challenge is back and all about fashion questions! This is the sum up of the most fun facts about fashion! Once a week our TFF team asks the most stylish by-passers on the streets what they know regarding fashion.

This week’s fashion quiz questions in this episode will be:

What is the most popular movie about fashion?
What is the most popular perfume in world?
How long is the longest catwalk in the world?

Want to know the answers and see how well you do with our fashion questions? Than go ahead and enjoy our new video! Explore some fun facts about fashion and keep track of the best street style outfits!


What we all dream of: the perfect wedding dress

What we all dream of: the perfect wedding dress

The perfect wedding dress is something we’ve been all dreaming of, since we were little girls, isn’t that right? It probably started by wanting to become a princess…

💕LETRA D – PRINCESA DIANA💐 O casamento de Charles e Diana ocorreu na Catedral de Saint Paul em Londres, no dia 29 de Julho de 1981. Foi realizado pelo Bispo de Canterbury e assistido por mais de 1 bilhão de pessoas por todo o mundo. O vestido da noiva foi criado por dois estilistas, David Emanuel e Isabel Emanuel. Oficialmente encomendado pelo Palácio de Buckingham, os Emanuels trabalharam em conjunto para a concepção de um vestido que jamais será esquecido. Cada passo do processo foi concluído em segredo total para garantir que ninguém, principalmente a imprensa do mundo inteiro, soubesse nenhum detalhe a respeito, até o glorioso dia do casamento. 👑 A tiara usada pela noiva era Spencer, uma tiara de ouro com diamantes colocados em prata. Nos sapatos da Lady Diana, 150 pérolas cobriam o motivo central em forma de coração. O príncipe Carlos vestiu um uniforme naval. 👰🏼 O vestido da Lady Diana foi um dos mais copiado do mundo. ✔️ Crédito: 💕 Inesquecivel, não é mesmo? 😍 #princesadiana #ladydiana #noivas #celebridade #vestidodenoiva #noivos2017 #weddingday #noivas2017 #voucasar2017 #cerimonial #assessoria #assessoriadodia #dedicattaeventos #dedicatta

A post shared by Dedicatta Eventos (@dedicattaeventos) on

Kate Middleton marrying Prince William didn’t disappoint us at all – what a stunning dress!

Her beautiful gown was definitely worth every penny! The latest wedding the fashion world couldn’t wait for was George Clooney’s big day with Amal Alamuddin. Taking into consideration that the whole wedding reportedly cost around £8 million, the bride was kind of allowed a $380,000 splurge on a wedding gown, right?

Although those dream dresses are not affordable for most future brides out there, they are not as opulent as you might think when looking at their price tags. But what makes those dresses special then?

Every girl wants to find the perfect dress for her big day – which is a legit argument for spending a bit more.


A post shared by weddingdresses (@elie_saab_wedding) on

It’s just the fact that such wedding gowns are special, timeless and something you may always remember (and your kids, and grandchildren…).

Just make sure the one you marry never stops trying to make you laugh.

A post shared by @weddings on

Not only royal weddings but also celebrity dresses are big fashion events since the whole fashion scene wants to know who had the honor to design the dress.

Kate Moss decided to live her bohemian style even in her wedding – she worn a wonderful dress with rhinestones, silk and tulle.

Um click Natural e Espontâneo da Daminha com a Noiva… #katemoss #bridesmaid #flowergirl #daminha #damadehonra #katemosswedding

A post shared by Silvia Giacobbe (@blogueirapenoaltar) on

But don’t start getting envious – there is something you can copy from those examples. You need to find a dress that reflects your personal style! Spoiler: you don’t need to start saving money. Once you’ve decided on your wedding style (garden wedding, traditional one or hippie-style?) you’re sure getting trouble finding the perfect gown. Let me give you some basic Do’s and Don’ts to make sure the most important dress you’ll ever wear reflects your personal style.
#1 Choose a wedding dress that fits the location.

Yes or No??? Tag BFF follow me @wedding_dressdreams

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If you’re having a traditional ceremony and a formal reception, the hippie dress would maybe look a bit weird. Instead, opt for a classic, timeless gown style like an A-line or ball gown with a square neckline. The whole princess thing, yes!

But getting married outdoors on a warm summer day with a garden ceremony calls for a strapless sheath made of light material like silk gazar. If you’re getting married by the beach on an exotic island, a flirty tea-length gown with festive shoes (or even barefoot!) is the ultimate non-traditional wedding attire.
#2 Choose the dress you always wanted – no matter if your mother likes it!

Yes or No??? Tag BFF follow me @wedding_dressdreams

A post shared by Wedding Dress Lookbook (@weddingdresslookbook) on

If you have your heart set on a fun, sexy gown but you’re worried it’s not appropriate for your ceremony site, consider wearing a cover-up for a more demure look during your ceremony. But in any case, choose the dress you like!

#3 Let your personality show through your accessories.

The two of us against the world.

A post shared by @weddings on

Give a traditional gown a fun twist with a colorful sash or large, flashy earrings or keep your style poised and polished with a simple pearl necklace and earrings.

That dress is hot!

A post shared by @weddings on

But try to avoid letting your jewelry overpower your ensemble. If your dress has lots of intricate details already, opt for simple pieces, or even just your engagement ring. Do you want to have flowers in your hair? Make sure this wedding hair accessory fits the dress!

Dance with me forever

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#weddings #style #fashion #beauty

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#4 Keep an open mind when it comes to shape.

Kristian and Carlos's wedding photos and video are up on our blog! (Link in profile) #akikiforcarl

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Try on many different types of gowns— you never know how they’ll fit until you take them off the hanger.

Rückenfrei und Taschen an der Seite: We❤️it! #filmstill #svenjaundralf

A post shared by heartsontape (@heartsontape) on

I love how free this dress is

A post shared by @weddings on

#5 Panic! Which shoes to wear?

White heels are special and sexy but in case your dress is floor-length no one will see them anyway. Wearing a shorter dress calls for nice shoes but decide for medium height. No bride wants to have painful feet on the most important day of her life.

12cm, as comfortable as they could be #verawang #weddingshoes

A post shared by Vera Wang (@verawangbride) on

That bow 😍😍

A post shared by @weddings on

Fashionistas may do the trendsetter style and wear kitten heels for more comfort or just go against the usual trend and try flats. Finding the right wedding shoes depends (as the decision for a dress) on the location first and in a second step on the dress – the length, the color, the style, the fabric.

Lovely shoes ❤

A post shared by @weddings on

Although you don’t need to do the matchy-matchy thing make sure the style fits.

Blue shoes (like Olivia Palermo wore) or pink ones are eye-catching and special.

Something blue 💙

A post shared by @weddings on

PS: Getting married in a jumpsuit? Why not? Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) is a wonderful example!

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to channel your personal style through your wedding dress. I think that as long as you feel the most beautiful and comfortable, you’re good going to look that way!

Look of the week – stylish kimono ensemble

Look of the week – stylish kimono ensemble

photo by: @designdschungel

This week’s best look definitely goes to Laura from Designdschungel! She channels the new found spring vibes perfectly through her kimono ensemble strolling through Berlin. We think it’s courageous and very fashionable! She paired the outfit with trendy slippers and a light pink trench coat. She keeps it balanced between an easy sportive and elegant look and therefore absolutely wearable for all fashionistas and styling fanatics! Definitely worth trying!

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